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Erectile Dysfunction and Treatment

Erectile dysfunction is one of the major health problems, as it is a marker for other diseases. Under the erectile dysfunction understand the inability to achieve or maintain an adequate erection of the penis, necessary for the introduction of the penis into the vagina and conduct high-quality sexual intercourse, which in turn limits or makes it impossible to satisfactory sexual intercourse.

About 150 million men in the world have erection problems. In the United States, about 10 million men suffer from erectile dysfunction, 31 million of men have the same problem in Europe.  The frequency of erectile dysfunction varies with age. If in the age group from 20 to 40 years it averages 30%, then in the age from 40 to 60 years it occurs in 15 - 20% of men. At the age of over 65, erectile disorders is manifested in 50% of men.

Erectile dysfunction

What Is Erectile Dysfunction: A Clear Picture of It

The understanding of how the man's body functions will help you to have a clear picture of what is wrong with your sexual functions. In broad sense, under the term ED it is possible to understand the inability to achieve and maintain erection that is sufficient for the normal sexual intercourse. However, there are many factors that should be taken into account, including the sexual desire of a man, his way of life.

Most often, the impossibility of committing sexual intercourse, that is, impotence, is manifested by reduced or no erection, accelerated ejaculation and lack of sexual desire. These violations can occur separately or be combined with each other. And the most frequent disorder that prevents sexual intercourse, is a decrease in erection, that is, the stress of the penis during sexual arousal, the introduction of the penis into the woman's genital tract or when performing friction movements.

Symptoms That Men with ED Have

Psychological impotence is manifested by the following symptoms:
  • weakening of erection, which is observed periodically;
  • lack of sexual desire to partner because of conflicts, misunderstandings and quarrels;
  • appearance of spontaneous nocturnal erections;
  • rapid development of the disease.

The described symptoms of impotence in young men are found as often as in older ones. As a rule, after the normalization of the emotional state, recovery of sexual functions occurs. With such a violation, the partner cannot be aroused during intercourse, but morning and night erections persist.

If organic impotence develops, the signs in young and mature men will be as follows:
  • lack of nighttime spontaneous erections;
  • regular problems with the excitation of the penis;
  • gradual development of the disease.
With such a pathology, ejaculation disorders are not observed and sexual desire does not decrease. In this case, it is possible to eliminate erectile dysfunction only after curing the underlying disease that caused the development of sexual impotence. With a mixed type of impotence, the following symptoms occur:
  • reluctance to engage in intimacy;
  • the man’s lack of reaction to the partner’s attempts to incite him
  • inability to end sexual intercourse;
  • sudden weakening of erection during sex;
  • decrease in penis stiffness and decrease in the number of erections;
  • premature or prolonged ejaculation.
If there are signs of impotence in young men, then in no case should one turn a blind eye to the problem and wait until it resolves itself. When symptoms of sexual dysfunction occur, it is imperative that you contact a specialist and be examined to identify the causes of the disorder.

Diagnostics of Erectile Dysfunction

Violation of spontaneous erections - a reliable sign of organic violation of erectile function. Monitoring night tumescence (erection) allows to distinguish organic erectile dysfunction from psychogenic with high accuracy:

  • Apparatus. A small device is attached to the thigh of the patient, and electrodes to the penis. It is recorded, and subsequently the number and strength of nocturnal (spontaneous) erections is estimated. The best method so far.
  • Test with stamps. On the penis stick a ring of postage stamps, which is broken during spontaneous erection. The method does not accurately measure the level of erection and their number per night.
  • Snap-Gage test - synthetic materials are used instead of brands.
In psychogenic erectile dysfunction, the patient is referred to a psychotherapist or sexologist. When organic research continues until the specific cause is clarified:
  • Measurement of blood pressure in the vessels of the penis and comparing it with the pressure in the brachial artery.
  • Rheophallography (impedance plethysmography) is the study of the blood supply to the penis by measuring electrical resistance.
  • Ultrasound of the penis, in particular Doppler: an assessment of blood flow in the vessels of the penis before and after the use of drugs that stimulate an erection.
  • Radioisotope scanning of the penis - after the introduction of radiopharmaceuticals evaluate the accumulation of radioactive substances at rest and erection.
  • Cavernosography is an X-ray examination of venous blood outflow from the penis.

Whatever the reason, most men with impotence can be helped. Counseling can help patients with psychological problems. Medical and surgical intervention or appropriate drugs can help solve many problems.

How Can Men Fight Against ED Symptoms?

You should consult the doctor to know the reason why you suffer from ED. There are different drugs that are effective in the fight against ED symptoms. They are Viagra, Cialis, Levitra. They have similar action providing men with the hard erection thanks to their ability to increase the blood flow to the penis. They are really effective but patients with cardiovascular diseases shouldn't take them or try the smallest dosage. Men who use nitrates should not use the above-mentioned drugs because the producer mentions this in the instructions as one of the contraindications.

Hormonal injections directly into the penis area are also effective, and men can do them themselves. In cases of non-treatable cases, pump-like devices are surgically inserted into the penis, which allows the wearer to literally turn the erection on and off at will. Many men are embarrassed to consult a doctor about ED problems. Having gathered their courage and having talked about it with the doctor, they have every chance to improve potency and return to the normal sexual life.